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About Us

Several years ago, a group of eco-conscious moms in California decided to start packing waste-free lunches for their children and themselves.

When teachers, parents, and friends became interested in the concept, they started collecting waste-free lunch information that they could share with one another and with others who were interested. It soon became clear that families in other parts of the country were interested in learning more, so they decided to post the information on the Web--at wastefreelunches.org.

In 2001, two of the moms, Amy Hemmert and Tammy Pelstring, decided to make a greater commitment to helping families pack waste-free lunches. They wrote a book of nutritious, earth-friendly lunch ideas and designed their very own reusable lunch container.

Their company, Obentec, Inc. (www.obentec.com), was founded in February 2002, and their first waste-free lunch product, Laptop Lunches, was launched in the fall of 2002. Initially, the two moms sold their Laptop Lunches over the Web, through local retailers, and to friends, but their business has grown, and their products are now sold on the Web internationally, in retail stores nationally, and as "waste-free lunch kits" for schools, cities, solid waste agencies, and other organizations (See www.laptoplunches.com/schools.php for discounts, promotions, and fundraisers).

Join the Conversation

If you're involved in a waste-free lunch program, please contact Amy and Tammy at info@wastefreelunches.org. Share your story, inquire about purchasing Laptop Lunches, or invite them to give a presentation or workshop for your school or organization.

Obentec, Inc. is now the sole sponsor of this site. Enjoy!

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